Getting Uncomfortable

That Hostel Jangler

I rarely tire of the storytelling atmosphere of hostels, bringing together different walks of life from all corners of the world, but once in a while, your stuck with a jangler. You know who I'm talking about. Those obnoxious big mouthed folk who spout of stories so unrealistic, they appear to be just that, fairy-tales... Continue Reading →

A Bolivian Boat Without a Sail

A Bolivian Boat Without a Sail Let's Reflect- Bolivia 2010 - Cochabama to Santa Cruz The raggedy bus rumbled to a hasty halt, sending my sleepy head sailing into the tough leather seat infront of me. I shook myself awake and saw nothing but blackness out every window. 2:00 am gleamed on my ipod. We... Continue Reading →

A Dash of Culture for Ecotourists

Workaway, the before edition. After a quick sign-up and a 29 Euro fee, to be paid annually, I unlocked a gateway to a global resource that can help any hollow pocketed vagabond explore the world in a unique way and fulfilling way. As I open an excessive amount of tabs with potential volunteer opportunities, I... Continue Reading →

Grand Departure

After a little last minute prep and some heart felt good-byes, which I'm rather convinced never get easier, I breached Amsterdam's city limits shortly after 1 today, June 29th.  After a year of compact living and the chaotic clusters of bikes, boats, cars, trains and trams, open space was welcome with open arms. However, sure... Continue Reading →

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