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What makes me tick? What’s my story? What’s my deal? What’s on the broken record that spins around my head at 4 am you ask?

… Oh too many things but yet never enough.

My ambitions were never small, nor we’re my aspirations not overwhelming. This continues to be a love hate relationship as the more I do, the more I want to do. The issue being is that too often can I only see the mountains I failed to climb, ideas that slipped my mind and were not fleshed out and the chances I didn’t take. However, this just keep the fire burning under my but to keep on keepin’ on.

Raised in a big and supportive family that never failed to keep things exciting, not long after turning 18 I flew 18,000Km from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the land down under. For 6 months I meandered my way up the east coast Australia on a hop on hop off bus pass, surfing when the waves lured me in, working for different farmers through Willing Workers on Organic Farms if the opportunity arrose, and bursting into who knows how many goon induced laughing fits with carefree nomads, travellers, vagabonds and backpackers alike. After completing my Open Water Scuba Diving course in Cairns I worked in Sydney for three months before bumming around Fiji for my last 3 months abroad. More under water adventures were met with more airborn activities, like skydiving out of an old and rusted plane that made me excited to have a parachute.

After that year there was no turning back. Travelling was always going to be a part of my life. Little did I know the places I’d go from there.

Shortly coming home from Australia, I flew off to South American and spent 4 months and 245 hours on buses exploring Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. A year later I escaped the cold Canadian winter by gallavanting around Guatemala and Belize for 7 weeks.

By the time I was 21 I was ready, I was ready to go back to school and learn about subjects I cared about and was interested in. Not business, which I was told was the ‘logical’ deicision throughout my highschool years.

After two years of Journalism at Okanagan College I transferred to the University of British Colombia to complete my undergraduate in International Relations. From there, my preferences have narrowed further, to specialize in International Development. And as with each article I read my perspectives expands and contracts, bombarding my brains with more ideas than I can write, voice or think in a coherent manner on some days, especially cloudy days.

Now, I sit writing to you at the end of a year long study abroad trip that after my upcoming bike trip from here to Barcelona, I will have stretched to 14 months in 8 European countries and India.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable has been born from one very interesting theme that has remained constant throughout all my years of filled with uncertainty and how I perfer to look at it, a magical mystery. ¬†Finding comfort in uncomfortable situations. Choosing experiences that make my palms sweat or my tongue trip all over itself has been vital for building my confidence to push myself further and further with each trip, each day and each choice. As cliche as it is, making the effort to not say no when travelling truly is a key aspect in making the most of each experience. And better yet, why not search for things that let your mind and thoughts drift into new territory?

Go! Turn off your phone and get lost with only a business card to get you back to your hostel after taking a crazy winding bus ride through Lima. Ask a bunch of people how to get back and take a chance on humanity, meet people other than Siri.

I landed in Lima before the time of Smart phones and after taking a crazy bus ride, getting lost in the city, I found a book store, grabbed a map, when to the front desk with the hostel business card, shrugged my shoulders and plastered an absolutely bewildering look accross my face.

Thankfully, it was met with a big grin and a gesture to the door as he pointed me in the right direct. After asking atleast another half a dozen new friends, I made my way back to Independicia in Mira Flores, and to my hostel, safe, sound and fluttering with emotions.

As a tribute to these wonderful experiences I’ve decided to make a blog that inspires readers to take a chance, don’t over think it, and wander outside your comfort zone, who knows, maybe you’ll surprise yourself.





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