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While some travel to lounge on the beach, margarita in hand, soft glow of the sunset shedding its rays over the rippling crystal blue ocean, others may perfer a more unusual route. Not to say that I wouldn’t and haven’t burried my face into a pitcher of rum or 5 on the beaches of Fiji, stumbling through the sand under the stars back to a creaky hostel bed. However, altneratives, variations, perspectives, wants, dreams, wishes and hopes are what shape each persons willingness to travel.

My question is, how many of you out there strive to truly push your boundaries, embrace change, dive into newness, wrap your arms around diversity and difference like the warmest Mama bear hug?

A part of me feels that traveling should entail getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, becuase for me, that always leads to learning. Whether it be learning something about myself, about a different place or culture, it always begins with breaking out of my comfort zone. Having the strength to step out of any bubble I may be caught floating around in, and trying something new. Never does such an experience fail to bring a sweat to my brow or a haste and mumble to my words. It’s not a part of life, it is life. It’s doing everything you’ve ever wanted because, why not?

This brings me to the reason for this website. Let’s get uncomfortable.

I’ve realized that from my 18th birthday and the year long trip to that took place shortly after, to now, at almost 27 years young, I’ve continued to push each part of my life further and further from where I feel comfortable. From cutting off the head of a crocodile in the Amazon and cooking it over an open fire for dinner, to attempting to start my own sustainability initiatives through school and my professional career. As cliche as it may sound, limits are only their to be pushed. If percieved personal limits become ceilings, obstacles and ‘impossible’ hurtles, we’ll end up building our own prisons.

Or, we could try something different?





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